Category: Alternative Fashion

Löökbook: Be My Boo

Confession time: lately, I have been feeling more Pugsley than Morticia. Some days I even border on Uncle Fester (eyebags matching the black eyeshadow? check! Gloomy belly rolls? check!). I blame it on the delicious Milka chocolate chip cakes I had the misfortune of discovering in Iceland (I only went to buy eggs and fruit, I…

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Feeling Blue : a Lookböök

Note : No Smurfs were harmed in the making of this blog post. Only my feelings of freedom and quite a few hair from the wig did get snatched. * Le Sigh *  What an introduction, eh? But I got to admit, this lockdown is starting to get me down. Walking past closed coffee shops…

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Lookbook : Festival Priestess

Words cannot express how gutted I am that Download Festival is cancelled this year. Perhaps screams could, but my asthma is preventing me from doing so right now. * screams in asthmatic * I had even saved and booked a luxury bell tent for the first time ever (the muddy experience? there’s a spa for…

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