Vitamin P for Purchase

… Nope, I am not vying for the position of Health Minister of the UK (I knooooow…. that title is confusing due to its eery similarity to the current government policies)… I have just decided to inject some “purchase passion” back onto this virtual lair.

That’s right: “purchase passion“… Does this sound preposterous? Perhaps, but only because it starts with a P.

: P

Buying and shopping for myself is actually a sign that I’m feeling better mentally. That I value myself enough again to buy myself nice stuff.

This year has been / is  awkward as hell, but I am slowly emerging back from the depths of victimhood and self-isolation (quarantine my ass). As stated before, self hiding is NOT an option, and people pleasing is NOT an option either. I am done hiding my personality and opinions for the sake of randoms on the internet.

And so … I have been purchasing new bits and bits which I will be shooting for this blog and my new antisocial Instagram. All these were purchased on sale.

New Lamoda Chunky Flats

New Killstar Flats

New Banned Bag and Wallet

I got tons more stuff but haven’t had the time to shoot it. But I will.

Indeed, as I’m slowly healing from personal battlewounds and external negative influences (aka mystical twats), I do know that a time will come where the next P words I will be uttering will be Proud Photography.

❤️⚡Love & Lightning⚡❤️

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