Tweaking a Weak Week

Yes, yes, my second round (and best round) of Inverness pics is due, and it will definitely make its way onto this blog prior to me jetting off to … Edinburgh next week!

I knoooooow, I have an obsession with Scotland but this time it isn’t my fault, a friend of mine really wanted to go, and I twisted her arm, and I am desperate for another break, so there is is – another wee escape planned.

Other than that, work has been pathetically horrid…and OMG I have just realised that I have actually NOT dumped anything about this horror of a job I got on the blog yet? Shame on me! A whole ass chapter will be created, including petty men bullshit, liars with virtual pants on fire and stunt queens.

To cheer myself up, I have bought myself some bling from Regal Rose, including this cute as hell “Queen” ring.

I have also bought a cute choker which is the first necklace on this pic. I am back onto layering my bling (yo it’s cold outthere innit?!).

In summary, the week was weak, but my coffee is strong, and so is my will !

Love and Lightning

♥️⚡Thunderella ⚡🤗

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