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As usual with my travelling posts, I am going to break down my August adventure into several posts … Even though Lady Gaga did say ‘Don’t be a drag, just be a queen’, I can totally do both, so I am going to legitimately drag this amazing break as I am missing it so much already.

One of the important points in this little escape is to highlight that one of my dreams is to be able to live in a cottage someday – either by the seaside or by the mountains. As this dream is currently not open for business, I decided to sample it by booking a stay in a wee cottage in Inverness called Urquhart Garden Cottage.

I filmed a video of the whole place, but I haven’t had the time to edit it. But the photos are pretty representative … it was awesome and so homely!!

I know that for most people this abode is probably not much to cry about, but let me tell you that when you live in a crammed, shapeless, overpriced London flat, being able to relax in a proper living space is a luxury. And hunnay – mama loves her luxury!!

Yes, I did get excited about the kitchen … Yo, my own is literally a corridor, and I am getting close to the age where trips to Home Depot are the highlight of the week, so don’t judge me!

Oh, and the host had even provided some nibbles, and I made sure to start my day with black coffee and some Scottish biccies.

Many Epsom salts baths were had in the bathtub – after walking for 8 hours every day, you bet your bottom dollar (or scottish pound) that I was going to make the most of it all! It was very relaxing actually, I bought a bluetooth speaker and was streaming my favourite podcasts whilst soaking it all up.

I can’t recommend this cottage enough, it was clean, comfortable, secure (multiple locks and doors and the cottage being at the end of a driveway) and really felt like a home to come back to. As I am getting older, I am more and more favouring renting flats / cottages for my breaks, as I like to feel at home wherever I go. In fact, I always feel at home, when I am not at home.

Bonus photo : I did legitimately feel relieved I was not staying in the place below … imagine explaining to Border Control where you are staying in the middle of the plandemic and spouting that out?

This concludes part 1 of lord knows how many posts this is going to be … Och Aye!

❤️⚡️❤️Love & Lightning❤️⚡️❤️



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