Away from the Madness in Inverness

Does the Scottish airplane wear a pair of underwear under its kilt?

Is it actually more likely that I will find Nessie in my lifetime, rather than see global corrupt governments fall?

Whilst I don’t know the answers to these essential questions, I do know that I refuse to fall under the hypnosis of society’s psychosis.

My freedom does not end where your paranoia begins. My sovereignty does not get to be curtailed because of your acquiescence to outrageous restrictions.

I have lots to write about but my mind and body need to chill before I drop my thoughts. Also, I do want to enjoy my time here AND prance about without a care in the world in front of my trusted Canon EOS R.

Who said that World War 3 couldn’t get fancy?

Och Aye indeed, I’m still gonna be a cheeky nomad no matter what so I don’t give a damn and I am ready to battle !!! (I did take my new rocks with me ha)

⚡❤️⚡Love & Lightning⚡❤️⚡

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