Little Red Riding Goth & Seeing Red

So about a week ago, I finally transitioned … from Lockdown Cavewoman to Lady with Upgraded Locks. See, I am actually being useful to science through my act of vanity, as I am effectively proving the theory of evolution to be correct. pats non-scientific self on the back

To do so, I travelled to the faaaaar faaaaaar away (no, not really, 15 mins on the C11) area of Hampstead, in North London …


… and I fully embraced the tinfoil : conspiracy theorist by name, conspiracy theorist by hair!


I am now the proud owner of a truly business at the front /party at the back hairstyle!




I absolutely love this color but holy crap the maintenance is something!!

Luckily I found this amazing product: Osmo Colour Revive Conditioning Colour Treatment. I will do probably a video about it, but if you have red dyed hair, this is absolutely brilliant – albeit messy.

Other than that, my week has been proper bloody – work is still as ridiculous as ever, but I did shoot a Youtube video, and I am returning to my singing lessons tomorrow. I also had my first proper drink out with a friend yesterday, and it was FABULOUS!

Oh, and I have styled and shot some jewellery for Alternative Finch . This was done prior to having my hair done, hence the wigs!




I am still honing on on all my skills, despite a schedule that is literally straight out of Back to the Future.  And that’s all I can do, and will keep on doing!!!


Get Loud!