Life Is Not Black & White …

… But I am.

I am an all or nothing kinda gal. I cannot express myself within the constraints of social media bullshit and rules. So I picked the nothing, as for me it means everything. I fully deleted my instagram account. Maybe one day I will recreate one. But not today Satan.


I don’t want to wake up and see a huge flow of pictures/words/anger/bitterness/ assaulting my senses. I don’t want to feel like I have to keep up. I don’t want to see triggering faces. I don’t want to see a bunch of numbers going up and down – because  I am not a number, and will not allow anything to treat me as such, and make me feel like a number.


I just want to feel like creating. With no constraints of ratios, hashtags and pseudo-influencing bullshit. I am not an advertising billboard selling my time for a free box of shite. And that is ok, because life is not black and white, but I am. Some people say ‘it is just social media let it go‘, but for me it is not – it is about your integrity and how you value yourself and your art forms.

I adore photography, fashion, and styling and after many months of going back and forth on the social media topic, I realised that social media paralyses my creative juices. I love me a good slushie, but ain’t nobody got time for paralysis by analysis.


So cheers to creativity without borders and bullshit.

I now declare myself officially unleashed !


5 thoughts on “Life Is Not Black & White …

  1. I get where you’re coming from. I’ve considered deleting my accounts on various social media sites. They can come in handy for business, I’m also in a band so again it can be great for promotion, but I hate the fact that everything has to be done online now and you’re judged on how many followers or likes you get.

    1. Exactly! Since for me it’s a hobby and im not driven by popularity or a need to be promoted, I’ve decided to delete . Unfortunately the joy and fun has been replaced by fakeness and numbers game. I hope you manage to keep up with your own to your own benefit:) thanks for your comment!❤️

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