Hide & Sing : Welcome to July 2020

I feel like this week has been bipolar as hell, but then again, it looks like the manic highs and lows have got to be expected within this period of human history called “2020”. At this stage, I do genuinely believe that the Aliens who were supposed to harvest us after covid, took a peek at our planet, peeped the assholes in charge and opted to do a u-turn straight to Uranus instead.

At work, my stress levels have reached Rammstein Feuer Frei levels – fire and ashes included – as I am still expected to lead on projects and tasks I have had no time to absorb. I also have no support. The anxiety makes my skin feel like it is literally self-combusting, and on top of it, the stress makes my stomach clench so bad, I feel like I am getting a free gastric bypass. Oh, a positive, right?!

I have decided to take a rational approach to it, and to only do what I can. This approach is also known as ‘Fuck This Shit But Pay My Shit Too’.


In other news, I still haven’t had my hair fixed – and you know it is apocalyptically bad when I gotta whip a wig AND a hoodie.


Yes, I forgot to do my nails. Look over there! 👉

In other news, I went back to the music studio, and I decided to try something different : Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi.

Results? Holy Lemmy, I need my VOCAL LESSONS back stat! Whilst I think I can pull off the main bits of the song, I wouldn’t have thought that the chorus would be such a pain in the vocal chords to drop … The ‘Whoa-ah‘ hurts my soul, my ears and my larynx, every time I try to blurt it. However, my teacher is currently ill, so for now … * your homegirl is hidin’ and livin’ on a prayer *


I have also done my first venture back into the moving fart incubator aka the London Underground, aka the tube!

IMG_20200704_132456.jpg IMG_20200704_132502.jpg

And why did I do that? To get to Primark of course! No, not really. I was actually feeling really crappy that day – the boring lockdown routine does not agree with me – so I decided to say ‘fuck it’ (peeps : do not take a shot every time I say it) and brave the shopping experience.

Oh – and I also got my first coffee post lockdown in Pret A Manger – YAAAASSSSSSS!

PSX_20200706_001916.jpg IMG_20200704_132509.jpg

I am in two minds about recording a video about it all, I will decide tomorrow (let me know :D). For now, I got to go to sleep, and get ready for another professional carnage!

❤️ ⚡️❤️ Love & Lightning❤️⚡️❤️

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