OOTD: La Vie en Rose … et Noir

Who says Goths don’t like pink? I don’t know who, and frankly, IDGAF. After all, it is most definitely better to be a flamingo in a sea of pigeons, and I am definitely fulfilling a pink bird fantasy over here.

I had an intense day at work earlier in the week (tea shall be spilled over the weekend) and as a result decided to forego thrashing the house, and instead paint myself THE HOUSE!


The jacket is from Boohoo. I will not link it because I have decided that I won’t be purchasing from Boohoo again due to their shady unethical practices which have been recently highlighted. Say what you want about Primark, but they have ramped up their ethical stance and practices. Until everybody sorts out their practices, I am keeping my hard earned pounds away.


The belt is from Restyle and the dress from Killstar. I hardly buy from Restyle because unfortunately the cut of their clothing seems to be legit made for scarecrows : ain’t no space for the booty, and your girl has a Mediterranean derriere.


The boots are from Demonia, wig from Amazon and earrings from Ebay. These boots are comfy as hell, and I am really looking forward to Autumn when I can wear them again. Any other time of the year is a big ol’ no-no : nobody wants to slip the house down on platforms during soggy British winters, OR be boiling the house  down in the one day of heatwave that blesses the UK once in a while.


I shot this to make myself feel better after a big bout of anxiety, and I succeeded! I highly recommend transformation through fashion and make up. I think thats why I love drag queens so much. Their talent and fierceness is always SO inspiring to me. To quote Miss Lushious Massacr …. THE GIRLS ARE HERE TO BATTLE!


PS: I am going to be recording and uploading a Vlog this weekend so I shall see you there!

⚡❤️⚡Love & Lightning⚡❤️⚡


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