Life Update : Thundering Through

🎵Is this the real life … or are we still in 2020??🎵

Fuck, we are still in 2020 * cries in diary *

Ugh, this year just does not want to STOP with the fuckery. And yes, there are two expletives already in this post, and well – they are going to stay and be accompanied by the relevant photo, because otherwise there would be more expletives.

Plus, they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I believe this one does the job.


The latest twist of 2020, is that the lady who hired me, and who is one of the key reasons I accepted this remote job (it is very important for me to have a boss I can count on), has announced to me on Friday that she had resigned … and will be gone in 2 weeks! We got on extremely well, and had even discussed going for drinks after Miss Corona got extradited back to Bill Gates’s evil lab. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??


This means that I will literally be dropped in extremely complicated projects with no support, and no-one to help me as I am still learning the systems.  The few people I have told just don’t understand how stressful this is. Being at home is great, but not when you are thrown in the deep end and cannot have a quick chat with your colleagues and shadow them as a newbie. Also the projects are HARD, and very technical (feelin’ sorry for me yet?).

The other layer to this evil cake, is that it also gives me shady vibes about the place, since she was only in that job for 6 months and is actually extremely good at it. The plot thickens…


In other news, I posted my first actual YouTube video, and my inner demon is cringeing at the wrong lighting I used and the choppy editing, BUT i am leaving it up because it is a bad trait of mine I am trying to work on. I am EXTREMELY self critical to the point of paralysing myself from doing things, so I am working internally to be less harsh and just go with the flow.

On this note, I am going back to the STUDIO tomorrow !!! So happy to get my padded cell back, I might even do a little vlog there. With that said, stay tuned, and in tune!

Dress : Jawbreaker

Boots: New Rock

Earrings : Topshop

⚡❤️⚡Love & Lightning!❤️⚡❤️

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  1. Sorry about the work trvails. But in Californis it is mailnly about looking good and you are looking F***ing god. Perhaps you can take tthe Boss’ job. 🙂

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