YouTube & Shopping Interludes!

Yassss my first ever video is up 🙂

I am not abandoning the blog, only expanding the marks I am leaving onto the giant catwalk known as Planet Earth !

I am learning A TON about YouTubing in the process, and whilst the technical parts can be a pain in the booty, I am really looking forward to honing the art of solo ranting on camera. Plus, I have a comfortable chair.

In the meantime, I gotta share some of my latest buys … New Rocks for less than €100? Yes ma’am – I cannot wait to receive these! At €60 a pop, I could NOT not get them.


Then, onto some Etsy purchases.

How CUTE is this bat?? I only got it because it is cute as hell, and when the world around you is turning ugly, a cute bat always helps, right? From Kitty Dragon.


Some more earrings because … Because. They are from Rainbow Tree Creations.


Finally some badass stuff from one of my favourite Etsy seller : Rock and Rose Artwork.

Screenshot_20200611_104058.jpg Screenshot_20200611_104032.jpg Screenshot_20200611_104010.jpg

Everything will be showcased on video soon, after I manage to sort the 1980’s video and audio. I love vintage, but there is a limit!

Stay Electric!

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