Making My Own YouTube Intro!

Nah-ah folks, the current has not been interrupted, your girl is still as ELECTRIC as ever !!

Whilst I have been busy making sure my bills get paid, I have also been busy making sure my … chill gets laid?!

All this verbiage to say that this year, I am committing to taking my time with my projects. I only follow my pace, and no other forced timeline (hello social media, I am talking about you). And it has been feeling amazing. Social media can give me anxiety that I don’t need, so it has been fantastic being able to be oblivious to it all (for now).

As a result, I have been playing with Filmora and created my own YouTube Intro! I will write up a post about all the resources I have been using for sourcing free photos, videos (and music) as well as free audio trimmers, but for now, I am sharing my intro (it might change but for now am pretty pleased with myself!).

Let me know what you think in the comments !

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