Life Update : This Week is a Circle Pit

Dear Readers. I don’t know what else to say other that the fact that this week seems to have been blessed by the Lord of The Butt Rings himself – Satan. I did tell him many times, NOT TODAY, not ever, but it seems that every day in 2020 is of his picking. Dude, your day is Saturday, no?

Indeed, this week is brutal, messy and chaotic ie a total circle pit. Circles, in fact, have been ruling my week.

Vicious Circle? Check.


Once again, I have fallen foul of social media exhaustion, frustration and annoyance. The mix of awful posts, negative energy and overall vapidity that I have been flooded with through my feeds, has prompted me to shut down most of them (Instagram / FB). I will do a video about it actually, because this is a bigger issue than just being fed up with feeds. Stay Tuned !

Going Round the Bend? Check.


So this is my third week at starting a new job from home. And I am not going to lie, it is HARD AS HELL. Not only this is a brand new industry with its own lingo, but being at home when starting something new makes things much more complicated. Where I would normally be shadowing someone in meetings etc, it is all remote and it is definitely not the same as face to face shadowing, where asking questions is more fluid. Typing things and constantly bothering someone on the work messenger app has not got the same vibe.  Yes, stalking remotely is not as enjoyable as stalking in person. Also I have to learn three new systems, and it is all heavy mathematically based … Guys, I think they misheard me during my interview. I said Heavy Metal not Heavy Maths! Must be the bloody accent again. * sighs en français *

Expanding My Inner Circle? Check.

This is actually good!! And of course, it has to be related to unapologetic consumerism right? Well it is for a good cause y’all! Because here comes Mister Go Pro and Lady Beauty Light. YouTubing is slowly but surely being planned. Also, I am setting up my background hopefully this weekend, and I am waiting for my intro/outro to be sorted out.


In other consumerism related news, I am super stoked with my purchases from Mysticum Luna. When I saw the Heavy Metal Collection (He-Vih Meh-Tul in French) I knew I had to have it. ** Myyyy Precieuuuux**

My fingers are ridiculously small, so I purchased the smallest size (6). It currently fits fine because my finger is glutened. (yep, I get swollen everywhere when I am glutened). It should be ok though even with no glutenification.


I also purchased the earrings and the necklace! Yes, there are no pics of the necklace yet, because even though I am happy to show you glutened fingers, we are not that acquainted for the glutened face yet! (plus you do not want to see it).


I have purchased many, many more things this last two weeks, but I would like to give them the posts and videos they deserve so I shall be updating the blog this weekend with them, plus new outfit pics.

Just because I deactivated the gram, doesn’t mean I wont be strutting myself. In fact, quite the opposite!

How’s your week been?

Stay Safe and Stay Electric!

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