YouTube? I Tube Too!

Yes, I have decided to start a Youtube Channel!

No, I don’t know why.

Possibly because my little ranty heart is dying to not only type up my angst, but also scream it?

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The channel will literally be what this blog is – but in motion my dudes. I will swear, rant, be nice (sometimes), vlog, sing and generally share the insanity that is my life! The blog will remain and will be as active (cos am a writer first and foremost).

Interested? (ya better be!) well here is the link ! I am preparing an intro video so if you got any questions for me, feel free to drop it down below, otherwise am planning to go freestyle 😀

PS: Ignore the current video, I was testing my ability to speak on camera, and y’all I got work to do 😀

❤️⚡❤️ Love & Lightning ❤️⚡❤️


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