Life Update : Revving My Motör(head)

Phew giiiirl what a week this week has been! Working, walking, wasting (money), watching (Rupaul’s Drag Race season 12 – ooh lala), and welcoming my new goodies from lockdown online shopping … WERK IT!


I did have a dark day midweek  (this time it is not my clothes y’all), as I really struggled with the combination of working from home and the ambient noise surrounding me. I have to learn brand new systems which include algorithms and pretty mental logic, and living in a London flat is definitely not conducive to that. Plus, I fucking hate maths, my booty was literally melting from sitting on the same seat for hours, and my ears were bleeding from the roadworks outside.

This was not a good day for Melly’s Anatomy.


Meeting my colleagues remotely was good despite the original awkwardness, and everybody was very friendly and chilled. This is an excellent sign, as to me satisfaction in a job relies 80% on the people.  I have a looooot of learning to do, and still need to settle in a routine, but I am confident this will happen. #BossyBrains

motorhead-29 motorhead-48

During my downtime (ie coffee breaks and when I am switching off the camera during conf calls) I  made some more cheeky purchases, because … a girl can never have too many accessories! All 3 below are from eBay.

s-l1600 (1) s-l1600 (2)s-l1600 (3)

And a couple of bags from Killstar because …  um they had a sale and I had some VIP points to spend (excuses, excuses… yes … but I don’t care, I am not going down the Armageddon without a sassy handbag honey!)

Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 00.05.30 Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 00.04.18

I have been doing daily walks after work most days, usually around the 12k – 17k steps. It has helped my mental health a bit as this lockdown is seriously getting me down, and my mind is starting to drown (damn am dropping some bars yo). I will post some seriously eerie photos I took of Oxford Street at night, and damn, I was CREEPED OUT. Honestly, the vibe was very sinister and I felt like in a zombie movie.

But enough on this topic, Miss T needs to finish watching some tea on Rupaul Drag Race Season 12 … grabs tea cup.

⚡❤️⚡Love & Lightning⚡❤️⚡

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