My Pre-Quarantine Trip to Prague (2)

It is now crazy to think that what was supposed to be my first trip of 2020, will end up being my last one. *sobs cosmopolitanly *

Back in January, I travelled for the second time to Prague, in the Czech Republic. I did post about it, but like the vain Gallivanting Goth that I am, I only posted an outfit post. Oops.

So here are some photos and commentary from this now distant memory of carefree travelling. PS: none of these photos are edited, and are straight from my phone as I cannot find the ones I took on my DSLR camera. The commentary is also not edited, but you already know that!

The Prague metro is clean and cheap as chips. As soon as I landed, I bought a pass for 3 days and it was perfect for travelling in and out of the city. I thought the Staromestska station was cool, and so I attempted a cool photo but it failed.


Travelling also equals eating in my dictionary, and holy cakes, I was NOT going to leave Prague without tasting some delicious donuts from Norbert Donuts!

On the topic of eating, I had a fantastic dinner in this gorgeous restaurant. And yes, the decor is what lured me in! I am a sucker for warm, fairy lit type of places, and this was right up my street. Literally.


I had chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes, and the food was tasty. Yes, it is basic at first sight but it was tastier than anything I eat in the UK. I really struggle with food in Britain, it can be rather tasteless. #GordonRamsayDontComeForMe

Sighing at the sights is what I am doing right now. Honestly, the historic center of Prague is so stunning and picturesque, even cold hearted wenches like me could not help but feel in a fairy tale walking through it.

IMG_20200111_143916.jpgIMG_20200111_143236.jpg IMG_20200111_141259.jpg IMG_20200111_141740.jpg

Should have asked how does one say ‘Up the Irons’ in Czech innit?!


Prague has a lot of tourist activities on offer, and riding in an old school car is one of them. Personally, I prefer to photograph everything instead!

IMG_20200111_143551.jpg IMG_20200111_143004.jpg

Old school cars aren’t the only thing roaming the streets of Prague; bad bitch witches cars do too !


I was NOT expecting that in the streets of Prague, and apparently it is advertising for an esoteric book store. Nicely done!

IMG_20200112_125957-2.jpg IMG_20200112_125919-2.jpg

If you go to Prague, you will see Trdelnik shops everywhere, they are the local sweet delicacy and it is soooo tasty. Don’t ask me to pronounce it though!

IMG_20200111_141916.jpg IMG_20200111_140627-1.jpg

It can be filled with ice cream, nutella, jam … There are literally dozens of Trdelnik shops across the city. And that made me HAPPY!

IMG_20200111_142708.jpg IMG_20200111_131008-1.jpg

Of course, I had to have one for posterity (and more for my own greed) …


This guy was doing incredible crystal glass music, I took a video but I need to find a way of uploading it without WordPress dying on me.

The whole historic center is pedestrian, and I live for it. One of my favourite cities in France, Montpellier, is also pedestrian and it makes the city experience so much more bearable. There is something about strolling carefree in a picturesque setting that I cannot explain, but that I am sure fellow lifelong travellers will understand.

IMG_20200112_132657.jpg IMG_20200111_141459.jpg

The Rainbow’s End cafe was AMAZING … Again, fairy lights and cosy setting, what’s not to like?  Just because I like some things dark (like coffee), doesn’t mean yer Gothy chick is not swayed by fluffy, cosy shizzle!


Oh and the cafe is also full of art and sponsors local artists. What can I say, I just dig these kind of places with soul (I sold mine so….).

IMG_20200110_183312-2.jpg IMG_20200110_173124-1.jpg IMG_20200110_173917-1.jpg

The famous Charles Bridge …

IMG_20200110_163632-1.jpg IMG_20200110_162843-1.jpg

Charles Bridge is ALWAYS rammed. Day, night, dawn, dusk, it is full of tourists and photographers. I bet that when the lockdown happened, the Bridge was fist pumping a rock or two!

IMG_20200112_154243.jpg IMG_20200112_154310.jpg

OMFG the stairs I climbed to get to the top of the tower made me feel like I had climbed the Everest. Note to self : never complain again about the incline on the treadmill.

IMG_20200112_165354.jpg IMG_20200112_155614.jpg IMG_20200112_132247.jpg

Travelling is what keeps me alive and motivated. I have been travelling solo all around the world since I was 19, and there is nothing that beats the feeling of utter excitement and eagerness that you get when you set off for new sights, or just enjoy those new sights.


Oh wait for it…


This is the weirdest statue I have ever seen and it really made me giggle when I saw it. You know what came to my mind when I saw it? Upside Down by Diana Ross. Yep!


Dude, I know the Brits drive on the wrong side of the road, but that’s taking it to another level. A whole ass upside down horse my friends.


Of course, a Thunderella trip is not complete without a detour to the METAL SHOP! Yes, that is the actual name of the store. Thank you for making it easy for my metal radar!


One day, I will have a display cabinet like that … one day….!

IMG_20200111_121254.jpg IMG_20200111_120933.jpg IMG_20200111_120959.jpg IMG_20200111_121624.jpg

This shops rocks so much it had a list of Prague Rock and Metal bars on it. Of course, yours truly did go !

IMG_20200111_121605.jpg IMG_20200111_121633.jpg IMG_20200111_121638.jpg IMG_20200111_121703.jpg IMG_20200111_121947.jpg IMG_20200111_122457.jpg



A Thunderella trip ain’t complete without a cheeky drink at the local rockin’ pub! So Hells Bells it was …


It’s a long way down the bottom if you wanna rock’n roll innit!


Unlike what happens in UK boozers, Europeans sit and chat (I KNOW!) respectfully whilst listening to Children of Bodom and other assorted tunes. Words cannot express how I miss this form of metal enjoyment. I cannot stand sticky, stuffed places where the only human sense that works is the sense of smell (Black Heart in Camden : sort your stinky ass toilets please).

IMG_20200111_215152-1.jpg IMG_20200111_215350-1.jpg

Second note to the Black Heart in Camden : these toilets rocked and DID NOT smell like Satan’s urine test! You can do it too.

IMG_20200111_225425-1.jpg IMG_20200111_225448-1.jpg IMG_20200111_225443.jpg

And now for some night shots …

IMG_20200110_200436.jpg IMG_20200110_201842-1.jpg IMG_20200110_194029-1.jpg IMG_20200110_183905-1.jpg IMG_20200110_184239-1.jpg IMG_20200110_190020.jpg IMG_20200110_190005.jpg IMG_20200110_165928.jpg IMG_20200110_170016-1.jpg IMG_20200110_195201-1.jpg IMG_20200110_195215-1.jpg IMG_20200110_170324-1.jpg IMG_20200110_195707-2 IMG_20200110_185656.jpg IMG_20200110_164353 IMG_20200110_195425

I have another thousand photos so I will stop there … I am so happy I managed to score a trip in what seems to be a miserable year to come.

I am still hoping to score another trip (flights to Inverness are booked for July) so let us hope miss Rona does us a favour and takes a rocket back to oblivion!

❤️⚡❤️Love & Air Miles❤️⚡❤️

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  1. Prague is undoubtedly one of the most charming cities, it is so classy and yet so cool 🙂 your photos give such a beautiful image… and those white ducks are a plus! Cant wait to return to Prague 🙂 thanks for sharing and greetings from Lisbon! Stay safe, PedroL

    • Thanks a lot! And yes Prague is wonderful and I cannot wait to visit again as there are many things this city had to offer. Lisbon is cool too by the way 🙂 thanks for visiting my London blog 🙂

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