Löökbook: Be My Boo

Confession time: lately, I have been feeling more Pugsley than Morticia. Some days I even border on Uncle Fester (eyebags matching the black eyeshadow? check! Gloomy belly rolls? check!).

I blame it on the delicious Milka chocolate chip cakes I had the misfortune of discovering in Iceland (I only went to buy eggs and fruit, I promise) and the fact that my exercise is not only quite limited, but also completely outweighed by my eating. I don’t sugarcoat my words, but I sure do my donuts.

And this is where long coats / jackets come handy !


This jacket is from last year – from Sainsbury’s : yes good ol’ sainsbos. It is great for Spring, for work and for self-conscious fashion blogging.


The top is from Boohoo, as per a previous post. It is a bit big (I got an M instead of S, most probably foreseeing lockdown chowdown), however I paid £2.10 for it so I can’t really complain! Plus I can layer it on top of longline vests so it’s all good in the hood.


Choker and hat are both from Killstar. I love this choker as it is quite feminine and not OTT.


These shoes are from Killstar – they are the Callista boots. I dont wear them often but I am thinking I really should. When I am allowed to prance somewhere other than my backyard I guess?  sighs and stomps


This is it for this post, I am off to scoff some more cakes and do some singing …. which I will possibly record and post. And yes, you read that right !  ….Why? Cos we need a soundtrack for the apocalypse don’t we?!

⚡❤️⚡Love & Lightning⚡❤️⚡

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