Going Red : Crimson Red by Colour Freedom

… Remember when I said that I was feeling blue and ended up playing with wigs? Turns out I was also feeling red … and now I am red. This apocalypse has been doing my hair in, and waking up with jaundiced hair paired with unsightly roots has just gotten me frustrated (but I did not tear my hair a part y’all).

I have been toying with the idea of changing the color of my streaks for a while, but I was always worried about job impact … But now I don’t care. Yes, I am starting a new job next week, but frankly my thought process justification has been :

  • They have last seen me over one month ago, on grainy video calls;
  • The hair is not that in your face really, and I can always bun it up for the potential follicle prudes;
  • I am not going to meet potential clients for at least 6 months if not longer (training + covid19) and if I did : tough shit.

So I did some research online and ended up buying two colors at Superdrug : Schwarzopf Live Pillar Box Red 092(£5.79) and Colour Freedom Crimson Red 062 (£4.99). In the end I used Colour Freedom. I have a soft spot for Colour Freedom as I used them during my purple stint and the quality was brilliant. Not only the colour is conditioning, but it stays for ages and is easy to apply.


I applied the red on my highlighted blonde hair and left it on for 45 to 60mins. As it is conditioning and doesn’t contain ammonia, the longer the better!


I am really happy with the results, the red is vibrant and very fire-like and left my hair feeling healthy. My hair absorbed the color like a thirsty sponge, and I am not complaining. This color needs to be applied on wet towel dried hair by the way.


Note for anybody who has bipolar hair like me : I applied a hair mask on the black section of my hair first (John Frieda Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioning Mask is fantastic) and then applied the red on the highlighted part.


I still need to go to the hairdresser to get my roots fixed, but the roots popping out don’t look as bad now with the red. The contrast with the blonde highlights was just too flagrant and shocking.


Roots Bloody Roots!

RED-10 RED-11

I haven’t washed my hair yet as this is fresh out the home salon, but I will update this post once I do to report back! Edit below!



I found this red colour conditioner in superdrug £0.99 buy one get one free the day of my hair wash, how awesome? 🙅🏻‍♀️

I have applied it on my strands and the colour is still popping, though this could be the colour itself being of great quality (they are really good, my purple lasted for ages). Either way, am a happy redhead !


Anybody else took matter in their own hands? Or am I the only impatient quarantined woman?! (…)

⚡❤️⚡Love & Lightning⚡❤️⚡

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  1. Wow, red looks so great on you! I am doing my hair myself since I was like 16 – except when I had it really short (kind of a pixie cut), I was not brave enough to cut that, lol. You did a great job!

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