A Megadeth Green & Purple Make Up Look

I never thought I’d be saying this, but learning and applying make up has been the therapeutic revelation of lockdown time. Yesterday, I had a rather rough day, and got really irritated by things left, right and center. On top of that, I tried to do my make up 5 times and it was a complete failure.

But the good thing with make up is that your canvas is always there at the ready, and you can always try again (if you have good make up wipes and skin that can take multiple make up beatings!!).

And so I did – with this Megadeth t-shirt inspired look.


Just like with the Metallica top, the green and purple from the t-shirt called my attention and I felt compelled to smear myself in these, using my Beauty Bay Eyn Bright palette and Pretty Zombie liquid lip in Alone (pics of shades below).


My application is still a bit rough but I am practicing and starting to figure stuff out, which is half the fun!


Excuse the bushy brows, mama has not had her eyebrows threaded for 2 months now, and I am getting DESPERATE!


I have hooded eyes and I keep forgetting to go higher when I do my crease. The green shade should really have gone higher because when I close my eyes, that shade tends to disappear.


The colors I used are as follows : Granny Smith for the main green, Frosted Lime for the inner corner and extra jazzle on the lid. Wisteria and Drama Queen for the outer shades.


The Pretty Zombie Cosmetic liquid lip in Alone is AMAZING! Shiny, easy to apply and doesnt dry off your lips.

In fact, I think that this brand may be replacing Jeffree Star in my eyes (and lips) especially considering the shenanigans that are coming to light against Jeffree (the Dahvie Vanity scandal) …  Anybody else thinking of switching? 😬

⚡❤️⚡Love & Lightning⚡❤️⚡

2020 Apocalypse Beauty Make Up

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