A Thrifty Gal’s May Ebay Finds

I have a love/hate relationship with Ebay. Actually, let’s be factually correct over here : I love Ebay, I hate Paypal. Ebay is amazing to find truly everything unique and decently priced; Paypal is is a goldmine for scammers and the company itself operates as thieves on wheels (got a few stories on that, which I will keep for later). For this reason, I only buy on Ebay and don’t sell anymore on the platform (I use Depop instead, so far, so good).

Lately, I have been waking up with eyebags bigger than Beetlejuice’s. Why? Cos I use my laptop right until the moment I pass out into the land of Snooze. To correct this, I decided to head straight into grandma territory, and opted to take books to bed instead.

To enable this new beauty regimen, I splurged on a bundle of 5 books from one of my favourite authors ever : Graham Masterton. His books are fantastic and really hard to drop (unless you get spooked), and I had not read one of his opus for a very long time. Therefore, I was very happy to become the proud owner of the below selection for a mere £6.50 + 3.99 postage.


Next, is a Black Floral Kimono for £2.50 … Honestly I love it and am so glad I won it! I have been wanting a summer black kimono for a while, and for some reason they are so damn expensive online. I don’t understand why, as it is not really the most difficult item to cut and manufacture [says the lazy gal]. For instance, Blackcraft Cult’s kimonos are just over £50 on Attitude Clothing’s website … Giiiiirl, for 50 squid the kimono better speak Japanese to me !!


I actually got a second one as well, as I bid on it and totally forgot about it until I got a notification to pay! (classic Ebay problem). This one has longer sleeves and is altogether a different style so I am not bothered about having two. #YouCanBeVersatileinBlack.


Finally, I am a sucker for cute earrings, and since I already got the Ace of Spades necklace, I caved in for those Ace of Spades matching earrings. They have not turned up yet, but should be there soon. These were £1.95 with £0.79 postage. #BornToLoseLiveToSpend


That is it for May, as I am officially broke until I start my new job mid-May! But feel free to share your own finds or link me to your finds, I love seeing what other people nab!

💛🛍💛Love & Thrifting💛🛍💛

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