An Iron (Maiden) Lady in Lace Outfit

I have said it before, and I will say it again : I really cannot relate to the trashy strand of ‘alternative fashion’ that is popular on social media. People strapping their tits in bondage harnesses and wearing nothing else but a Bermuda triangle made of PU leather and tagging it as ‘goth fashion‘ is just so … boring and vulgar. No ma’am.

* clutches pearls *



My disdain has nothing to do with body positivity, I personally could not care less about it; really what I am talking about is style, creativity and just … class. I have never thought it was liberating for women to flash their mammaries on the gram; for me liberating women means us being able to walk down the street safely. Us getting access to positions of power. Us being able to join male dominated industries without mysoginistic attacks. Us not having to prove ourselves twice as hard as dong owners [what a pun eh] …

To me, there is nothing liberating  or interesting about taking photos of your nips and shading them black for male consumption (big tiddie goth gf meme anyone?), but that’s just me.

And I like lace, layers, extravagant ruffles, frilly thrills, floaty vibes and generally speaking, feminine creativity in darkness.


I guess I am getting angry because it seems that more and more, the media and influencers are pushing this aesthetic of either the dumb bimbo (my lawd dont get me started on the ‘ahegao’ face of the ‘e-girls’ –  who thinks looking like a stroke victim is hot??), or the Build-A-Goth look.

I do find it funny that people tag themselves with ‘weirdo’ under such pictures, when it has actually become mainstream to flash everything out, or look like the aforementioned Build-A-Goth look. Being a weirdo these days is actually not wearing head to toe branded stuff , but rather, just rocking random clothes that have been thrifted, customised etc … Yes, I miss the 90’s.


Why is this happening?

Because society is normalising materialism as well as standard, uniform looks and behaviours. Why do you think all these Dumb Housewives of shows are being rammed down people’s throats? Chlamydia Love Island ?

Sadly, a similar type of unwanted stereotype is seeping through the alternative world thanks to “influencers” – the stereotype of the never-ending unboxings and pre-made looks which you can get thanks to xyz’s discount code. It gets tiring and boring.


I don’t watch reality TV, in fact I used to literally get the hives when the words Love Island got mentioned in my previous office. I got made fun of for not watching. Guys, I wanna keep my brain cells, thanks very much.

* watches endless repeats of Judge Judy * (come on she is a badass!!)


Anyway, enough of my rant … As mentioned above, I adore mixing feminine elementals with more brutal items. Hence my Lady Iron Maiden outfit, which is made of the following :

Outfit :

  • Iron Maiden Tshirt : Pretty Little Thing
  • Vest top dress underneath : Primark
  • Lace overlay dress : Forever21
  • Hat : Killstar
  • Boots : New Rock
  • Make Up : Bright EYN Palette Beauty Bay; Kat Von D Vampira Liquid Lipstick

What are your thoughts on modern fashion? Too much of the same or are you happy with it?

⚡❤️⚡Love & Brutal Elegance ⚡❤️⚡

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    • Ouch it’s watched in your household? Lets hope they fully cancel it and any repeats of it !it’s dreadful…

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