Feeling Blue : a Lookböök

Note : No Smurfs were harmed in the making of this blog post. Only my feelings of freedom and quite a few hair from the wig did get snatched.

* Le Sigh * 

What an introduction, eh? But I got to admit, this lockdown is starting to get me down. Walking past closed coffee shops and seeing adverts for sunny holidays (whoever is green lighting these ads should be spanked with a spikey passport) is just making me sad, hopeless and longing for chilled out times.


As always, I did not miss an opportunity to play with various items in my wardrobe I was going to wear this summer, including this festival outfit (previous one here). This is an easy, chilled outfit with one of my many trusted Primark vest top dresses as a base (these things are amazing to just layer stuff on, and cost only £2.50).


I love Metallica, and actually was just wearing the top at home when a thought occurred to me [it happens y’all] : you got the blues, you got a blue wig and brand new blue makeupOff to the blue look we go, Smurfette!


I love that belt from ASOS, it is the one I ordered during one of  my many lockdown shopping sprees; and at only £13.50 it is a fantastic buy. I just need to get my waist fat ratio as low as my mood and it will fit even better.


The pigments in the Beauty Bay Eyn Bright palette are simply fantastic, this palette has 42 shades, and so far, I have played with the reds and the blues and they are all POP-PING! I highly recommend it (links below).


That wig is a nightmare to be honest, it is SO STATIC that even brushing it made it go bonkers.  But it relented eventually… Thanks to the hat! I have 3 of these hats (links below), the seller is so talented and the prices are absolutely incredible for the quality (£25!).


Here are the links to most of the items in this look.

I officially got my refund from Download Festival, and whilst it is really a bummer that all these events are cancelled, I think it will make next year’s event even more badass. One can hope?

⚡💙⚡Love & Lightning⚡💙⚡


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