Life Update : Walks, Wins and Wigs

Lately, I have been enjoying walking through two parks which are close to me : Primrose Hill and Regents Park. I like to do my daily walk after 6.30pm – not because I am a vampire who hates the sunlight, but because the streets are less busy and I can sing out loud without invoking the basic civilian’s WTF look.

Yep, it turns out that belting ‘You’ll take my life but I’ll take yours too’ is not a popular thing to say in North London. * shrugs in heavy metal *


I also really love the sights of the lights dimming and the shadows taking over London Town… Now, if only the chavs could stay in the shadows that would be great.

More than 3 weeks ago, I had interviews for a job I really wanted. This role would not only provide me with much needed stability (this is a permanent role rather than contract) but it would also take me out of the retail sector which I ABHOR! (Yes Boris, despite being foreign, I have a decent vocabulary! #FuckBrexit).

Interviews were hardcore – 3 video interviews of 2 hours each, and I had one of them under the influence of steroids, a mere 2 hours after a big fat asthma attack. Still, I was and am very much looking for a new path to take.

PSX_20200430_130309.jpg PSX_20200430_125731.jpg

Well it turns out I came out top of the interviewees! I am beyond relieved and chuffed by these news, as it is quite a feat getting a new role in these crazy times. However the battle is still uphill


… There is still a screening process and references to be gathered all the way up to 5 years ago, and I really hope this will work out smoothly and fast. It should do though as all my data lines up; it is just that I know that some people are slow as hell at responding to reference requests …

Hurry up honey, mama’s got bills to pay!


I am not religious, but I am a spiritual person and do believe in manifesting what you want in life. I kid you not, but I did write in my manifestation book about a role out of retail, paying me over x amount of money and which would include travel. This role is literally that, down to the money and travel.

Thank You Universal Badass In the Sky!

PSX_20200430_132345.jpg PSX_20200430_130109.jpg

This is probably not a Barry White reference, but it was quite cool to see in Regent’s Park. I believe in synchronicity and sometimes, when I feel down, then the Universe finds a way of showing me cute messages. I believe this is one of them!


Oh, and another thing about this week … if you have been following me on Instagram, then you would have seen that I have been playing with wigs !

Honestly, I CANNOT WAIT until ‘they’ allow hairdressers to open again, my roots are absolutely insane and I just cannot deal with them anymore.

Boris have you seen the state of your hair? then you know that hairdressers ARE essential workers! Open them up, please?

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