Camden Town Under Lockdown

Like the rebel I am, I made the decision yesterday to change the route of my daily lockdown walk and to forgo the greenery of Regents Park for the urban sights of Camden Town. #PedestrianPirate

For those who may not be acquainted with Camden, it is the alternative area of London, even though it has been sadly declining over the last 8 years or so. It comprises a High Street and markets with international food stalls, clothing, arts and crafts galore. Plenty of tattoo and piercing shops can also be found as well as jewellery and goth/alt clothing. As you can imagine, the area is normally heaving with people…

Then came morbid-19 and the sights of full restaurants got replaced by the sights of empty seats [but full of messages of support].


Whenever I go for walks, I love to capture silly graffiti or cheeky messages left by disillusioned citizens. Yesterday did not disappoint.


I have always wanted to take a picture of the ASOS building, it is so weirdly out of place with its Egyptian themed architecture and giant kitties.


Mornington Crescent tube station does not usually look like a ghost town, but it did yesterday. I believe only a handful of stations are opened in London, and this one definitely isn’t.


I had completely forgotten that Koko had burnt down early this year (seriously fuck 2020). Koko is a legendary venue in Camden and I did feel sad when I walked past it as it is another historical musical place whose future self is possibly going to be ‘another block of flats’.


It is not always calls for anarchy in the streets of Landan! Sometimes we get meditation tips y’all. Namaste!


The High Street was just rows and rows of metal shutters. And a few drunk people. Because it is Camden after all.


Ironically, it is the cleanest I have ever seen Camden High Street!


Walking past all these closed stores, I did wonder who was going to survive and who wasn’t … It is bad enough that most of the original alternative clothing stores have deserted Camden (the Black Rose for example), but now with this crappy plandemic, I am worried that we are going to get more Starbucks and KFC. Absolutely hate this trend of same shitty chains everywhere.


I did absolutely love this mural from Dr Martens, everything about it is perfect. The art and the message are awesome, well done Dr. Martens.



Fun fact : I have had my nose pierced at Cold Steel. I really feel sorry for all the tattoo artists out there. I know I whinge about having lost my job, but there are so many industries impacted by this bloody flu, it makes me angry. *rages in conspiracy theorist*


Art is also indefinitely locked up … I miss walking through these galleries so much. As I live locally to the market, I love going for a wander and treat myself to some noodles and some bling.


It felt very eerie seeing the entire market locked down during the day. I do hope all traders get to reopen soon.



Finally, some more amusing truth message from the Streets…



This walk gave me some chills. It also made me realise how much richness creativity and individual shops bring to a city like London. Honestly, some days I absolutely despise Central London, purely because of the endless sameness of chains shops and restaurants.

And sadly, it is becoming a standard everywhere in the UK (well a part from Edinburgh which still has many independent shops). I hope people will patronise small venues once this shit show is over.

I know I will.

⚡❤️⚡Love & Lightning⚡❤️⚡

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  1. Wow, big city live sure is a lot different to what I’m used to. I’m quite surprised seeing all those “bold reliefs” on the store fronts (like the piercings on the Cold Steel front and such). Now I’m wondering, do store owners in Austria just not want that or do they not obtain permission from the administration. Anyways, I like the look!

    • Oh these are classic camden shop fixtures, you wont see them elsewhere in London really, apart maybe for some less decadent ones in Portobello! 🙂 x

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