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Words cannot express how gutted I am that Download Festival is cancelled this year. Perhaps screams could, but my asthma is preventing me from doing so right now. * screams in asthmatic *

I had even saved and booked a luxury bell tent for the first time ever (the muddy experience? there’s a spa for that). I was so looking forward to my back not breaking for 5 days straight, and being able to get out of the tent without crawling à la Rambo.  Let’s not mention also the ability to shower and locate toilets that are not looking like a 3D graffiti mural. Yes it is that bad!


However, if the festival doesn’t come to you, you bring the festival home!

This is one of the outfits I was going to bring to the festival. Festival outfit planning is a thing, and it is much needed as one needs to cater for all sorts of weather changes, drinks spillages and general festival shenanigans!


The top is from an amazing lady called Rachel on Etsy, she does custom pieces and also her own. I had contacted her about a Judas Priest custom corset, and she awesomely obliged. I adore this top and I absolutely recommend you check out her shop, Corsets Sinister.  Once I get a job, I will be ordering more pieces for sure. I love buying from small businesses, and I hope more people will do after the Rona decides to depart!


The choker is Killstar, it is the Acadia choker and I got it for £5.99 during one of their buy one get one half price sale in October 2019.

judaspriestoutfitinsta-9 judaspriestoutfitinsta-10

Last week I talked about my favourite tulle skirts. Well here is the red one! Just like the black one I already own, it fits perfectly and the color is what I expected.


There are two reds on Amazon, I picked the darker one as the other one was a bit too Ronald McDonald for me 🤡.


My boots are the New Rock M1030 S1. I bought them on Kates Clothing when they had a sale in 2018. By the way, there are many many prices for the same New Rock everywhere, make sure you do proper scouting as prices can vary by literally£100, it is a bit crazy!!


I am pretty sure my neighbours are sick of me using my backyard as a catwalk but hey ho, a quarantined gal has gotta do with what she can !


I really hope we get to gather again soon. Despite being a staunch introvert, I love festivals and their vibes. Also the line up this year was going to be epic, I am absolutely cursing Rona for preventing me from seeing System of a Down, the Offspring, Iron Maiden, Disturbed and many more.

Miss Rona, the Judas Priestess is summoning you to bugger off !! (please?)

⚡🧡⚡Love & Lightning⚡🧡⚡

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