My Custom Rockin’ Shoes for Under £10 (1)

Blondes may wanna have fun, but brunettes with a dash of blonde (like yours truly) wanna have extra fun during quarantine! As I mentioned in a previous post, I have decided to rekindle my love for DIY. I used to put band patches and studs everywhere before I got sucked in the corporate world … however, I have now been spat out of this world and I have plenty of time to get on with it!

A few posts back, I mentioned an Everything 5 Pounds haul and some of their bargains; one of the items I bought was this pair of satin platform heels. I specifically bought them knowing the material and knowing I wanted to sew studs in. Also, at £5 it was worth playing with – your girl is a bargainista through and through!

This post is part one, as I am planning to do way more than adding studs to these shoes, but thought it might be cool to see the first phase separately.


Sewing studs? Yes, I don’t have faith in glueing studs, especially on textile, and I knew the front ribbons would be flexible enough for hand sewing. So I specifically bought these sew-in studs from Ebay for a mere £4.49. No, they don’t have Covid19 attached to them.


For some reason the thread is showing brown on the pic, but it is definitely black!


To start, I first gaged how many studs I was going to pin down on the front ribbon. It came to 3 on the short end and 4 in the longer end. Once this was done, I started sewing.

During the sewing process, I made sure that I was sewing with the holes facing the top, as it helps maintain the shape of the stud once all sewn in ( I realised this later on!)

IMG_20200418_171005.jpg PSFix_20200418_171358.jpeg

After I finished the first row, I sealed the stitch, and made sure all studs were secure.


As a safety mesure, I added a single thread across the row – it took 1 minute and ensured maximum stitching. Time and few trips to cocktail bars will tell if my security measures are up to scratch!


And basically the process is just all repeat across the ribbons.  And yes, I was watching some Jeffree Star whilst stitching, don’t judge me!


And part one of the shoe gothification customisation project is DONE! (I may add a couple of studs on the top to fill in some gaps)


The second part of the challenge will be to deal with the central knots ( I have a few ideas as to what I am putting there!) as well as the ankle straps. I am still undecided as to whether to do something to the heels? Shall I touch them up or not? 


⚡❤️⚡Love & Bling Bling⚡❤️⚡

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  1. They look awesome already! Looking forward to the rest of the project. Not sure about the heels, as you’d have to glue there and – as you already mentionend – that tends to fall off quickly.

    • Thank you so much! I agree i wasn’t going to touch the bottom part, i think the top will be enough. Starting part 2 today 🙂 🖤

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