A Beauty Haul … Cos We’re Done With TP Hauls

Toilet roll is so March 2020 darling!

In April 2020, we let go of the booty paper aisle, and we start shopping for ways to disguise snack-triggered skin craters, werewolf eye-bags and 50 shades of grey facial skin tones. Thank you covid-19.

*The above may or may not describe the author’s experience.*

I popped into my local Superdrug to get shower stuff, and I ended up nabbing a few bits and bobs, as you do.

I <3 Revolution – Heart Breakers Lucky Palette


This may end up being a disaster on me – I have olive skin and am not sure olive on olive is a good idea unless you are The Hulk. But I thought I’d experiment anyway. The colors are cute, and the palette was £5. I have most other colours at home but no greens whatsoever and this really grabbed my eyes (feel that pun!)

IMG_20200415_165343.jpg IMG_20200415_165409.jpg

Rimmel Maxi Blush – Shade Exposed


I love a good blush, and my current one is battered. I don’t like overtly bright pink blushes, my preference is a mix of pink and peach, which this one kind of is. I am tempted to also get the more peachy one (sweet cheeks) but they did not have it in store. This was £4.49 and there was a 3 for 2 on Rimmel products (hence the next 2 products being Rimmel).


Rimmel Lasting Matte Foundation – Shade Soft Beige


I am not usually a massive fan of liquid foundations, I find them icky and I don’t like the shiny salmon finish they give. Yes. Shiny Salmon Finish is a thing.

However, this Rimmel foundation is meant to have a powder matte finish (£5.99). I tried this one on my hand and consistency seemed ok. So long as I don’t end up looking like an over powdered 17th century courtesan, I will be ok … We will know soon, won’t we?


Rimmel Lasting Radiance Concealer – Shade Classic Beige


This is the product I was technically needing the most out of my haul. I legitimately have some pretty evil dark circles right now, they are so big they could form a band. Naughty dark circles doom any make up look instantly, and am juuuuust about learning how to do my make up. I HAVE HOPE IN YOU RIMMEL CONCEALER!!(£5.24)

Yardley Flowerazzi Magnolia & Pink Orchid Moisturising Body Oil


I will admit that this a completely decadent purchase (at £3.99). Driven by nothing but pink packaging and bold natural claims on the front. I am not going to lie, this is a pure guilty pleasure splurge. Also I have dry skin and time to waste so I don’t mind caking myself in moisturising oil. Like the kids say #YOLO.


Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub


Simple is one of my favourite skincare brands : ethical, no nasties in it and very decently priced (this was £1.69, on promo). As I am exploring make up a bit more now, I am conscious that scrubbage is required to clear up the pores. I love Simple’s formulas, so I didn’t hesitate to grab this tube. My prreeeeciousss.


All in all, I am pretty happy with my purchases and cannot wait to start using them. If something sucks or rocks, you bet your bottom dollar, pound and euro that I will be shouting it out here, so stay tuned!

What are you favourite skincare products?

💚⚡💚Love & Lightning💚⚡💚

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