A Stroll in Quarantine London

Like many of others under house arrest, it has been way over two weeks since I have last stepped foot in the outside world. To add insult to the injury, whilst my feet haven’t been out, my belly is starting to unceremoniously exhibit itself, and I am not pleased.

However, a couple of days ago my lungs perked up, and allowed me to brave a little walk around the block! And yes, that is me, being all fancy with my phone photography, but also carrying coffee and kinder buenos I purchased on the way (the kinder buenos did not make it back to the flat).


As expected the roads were empty – bar some joggers and fellow solo walkers, and the air was surprisingly breathable. This road in London is MASSIVE and usually packed full of buses, coaches, bikes, cars, horses, tuktuks … well, anything you can think of will be on Finchley Road. The air is usually so nasty on this road, that you end up with goth nasal cavities without asking for them.

I swear to the god of all things black, that this shade of pollution is more pigmented than any jet black hair dye. Aaaaaand it takes a real steamy shower to clear properly.


On the other hand, after being stuck indoors for so long [yes i am dramatic], I had forgotten that the world is blossoming outside, and this was such a beautiful sight to behold!

IMG_20200413_224706.jpg IMG_20200414_004627.jpg

As I did not want to chance the park this time due to my asthma, I decided to go a different way. And I stumbled upon some crazy mansions. Obscenely stately.

IMG_20200413_224444.jpg IMG_20200415_100819.jpg IMG_20200415_100950.jpg

I swear to Lemmy that I actually squealed when I saw this one. This is legitimately my dream house (but I haven’t got the keys dammit). It’s even got a gate to prevent the world in! #introvertcribgoals


Of course, being the wild child that I am, I had to take a silly selfie.


In the end, I couldn’t resist going through the park, I love being close to water very much. It is actually my go-to de-stressor. Whenever I have city breakdowns, I take the train and go to the sea – last year I went to Bournemouth, and I absolutely loved it. I think I might actually be an urban mermaid !

After that, I made my merry way back home, and was really pleased I managed to walk my 10 000 steps without reaching for the inhaler. Exercising is a massive part of my routine, as it really helps me sleep but also keeps me sane.

Over the last 20 days it has been quite hard to not be able to do much, and I am so glad I am now going to be able to burn some kinder buenos in addition to devouring them!

I am really looking forward to the next walk. This time, I will try a different route and see what I stumble upon … Hopefully the keys to the mansion?

❤️⚡❤️Love & Lightning❤️⚡❤️

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