Having Fun in Quarantine : Top 10

So it has now been over 2 weeks since I stepped either of my non dainty feet outside … and I have been LOVING it ! Oh yes, what is not to love? I haven’t had to inhale the deadly combo of bootypit smell in the London underground, neither have I had to contemplate the vanity of my existence in front of 15 excel spreadsheets and a side of sassy emails.

So what have my favourites activities been?

1.Rock Face Masksof the Beauty Kind.  I love the Simple brand, and their products have always been kind to me … oh wow an actual tag line that is truthful! The mask below has rehydrated my skin beautifully, it almost felt like I had a skin hungover and this mask was the holy quenching drink for it.


2. Customise Shoes, Clothes and Bags – This will be an entire post itself, but I have been adding studs, pins and badges to a few clothes and shoes.  Amazon still delivers and supplies are very cheap. Links coming soon! PS: This is not to enforce social distancing, but can be used to that effect. grins


3. Learn & Practice Make Up, and make use of palettes sat in my beauty lair. Youtube has been a very good quarantine teacher. It never hurts to try a new look, there are sooooo many amazing tutorials out there (Cait Marks OMG). It has been tempting to laze about in PJS all day, and I find that making the effort to look human has helped my confidence.

IMG_20200411_181106_500.jpg bk

4. Learn & Practice an Instrument via Online Courses! I have subscribed to guitartricks.com, and it has been fantastic! No eye rolling from the tutor, and I can press rewind and forward as many times as I want – I wish university was like this.

Screenshot 2020-04-12 at 00.17.29

5. Exercise Using Resistance Bands – Yeah I know it’s not technically fun, but it makes you feel good and look good for that quarantine summer body! I bought these bands and they are comfortable and easy to use. There are a plethora of exercises that can be done, and they can all involve watching a movie at the same time, so no excuses! Get dat booty squeezing!!

download (1)

6. Create a Manifestation Book / Vision Board – don’t roll your eyes, you are in a Witch’s blog after all! Whilst we are stuck inside, why not start the ball rolling about what you want the outside to be? [mine: slim and fit] All you need is a board or a notebook, some old newspapers / magazines, a pair of scissors and some glue/pins! I find it relaxing and it really helps keeping positive.


7. Shop Your Wardrobe –  for free ! Playing with new combos and styling outfits for the quarantine exit will guarantee you will be the less dishevelled out of all of us poor confined souls. By doing so, I have rediscovered some items of clothing I had set aside, and then forgot about which is no bloody surprise considering everything is black as hell!

download (2)

8. Turn Your Phone off for a Day  – Before that, call your family and make sure they are ok, so you can enjoy the time without anxiety.  Then enjoy a blissful day without doom and gloom – binge watch a show with some popcorn and ice cream and live in your own disconnected world, free of Orange Men ruling the USA, and Blonde Bimbo Men ruling the UK…!


9. Self Help Yourself –  You know that inner problem you always wanted to resolve? Or that body moisturiser you always wanted to cake yourself in but could never because you would have had to stand naked for 3 hours for it to dry and absorb? Now you can do both at the same time ! Cake yourself in, and get that self-help webpage on. Meditate (and air dry that toned resistance trained body!). Chill!


10. Watch a documentary about someone badass and inspiring! Personally I have been researching and reading about some of my favourite haute couture designers and photographers. Whilst I am currently stuck with my back garden as a backdrop, I am looking forward to going back to proper improvised shoots!

download (4) download (5) download (3)

🧡⚡🧡Love & Lightning🧡⚡🧡


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  1. I love your top 10! They are really cool activities. You do know, if you keep on bragging about guitar learning you will have to show it? 😉

    • Hahahah you’re not the first one who said that eeeek !!! One day, one day … Stay safe lovely ! xoxo

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