Venus Immortalis Make Up Look

Make up is one of these things I have always wanted to master, but always been too lazy to actually bother learning properly. Being of the Goth persuasion, it has been wayyyy too easy for me to hide behind the panda look for years. So I have decided to go to school – the School of Youtube!

First of all, before getting into the shebang, let us check out the crime scene and the weapons.

  • The Venus Immortalis Palette , this palette is from Lime Crime and when I first saw it, my heart did happy palpitations : a cold toned palette for my cold blooded self!
  • The video I decided to follow is by Jennifer Barraza, and you can find it here. Some beauty Youtubers can be irritating as hell, but she is quite straight to the point and has a calm, chilled voice. Proof : I did not end up smacking my screen black and blue (would have been stylish though right?), at any time during the tutorial.
  • My brushes are a mix of Amazon eco brushes and Real Technique brushes – All under a tenner and excellent.

I must say, her tutorial is clear and easy to follow, even though she does not specify the brush type to use (yeah I am that bad). My application does suck, but that is because I am heavy handed to the gods, and extremely impatient (plug and paste make up please?!). But I understood – in principle – what you are supposed to do when building this kinda look, which has a cut crease in it (never done these before).

IMG_20200410_153509.jpg IMG_20200410_144953.jpg

I cannot live without eyeliner, so I had to add some – even if it is just for the garden gnomes and the internet tumbleweeds reading this blog! Kat Von D’s tattoo liner is my favourite, and I shall be rocking it all the way this bloody Apocalypse goes.

This was fun, and I think am gonna practice every day, because damn, if I am gonna get something out of this quarantine, it’s the ability to come out of it slaying !

⚡Love, Lightning & Make Up Brushes⚡

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  1. Love the look you made! It never occured to me that you could actually not be good at makeup – you always look so great!
    I’d love to do make up every day, but I have several reasons that keep me from it, so I’ll keep on dreaming and looking at other peoples makeup, lol.

    • Oh i dont wear make up everyday ! I just will practice everyday in lockdown 🙂 my work make up oa very understated, pretty much kust eyeliner and sometimes lipstick. Thanks for your comment !!❤️❤️❤️

    • If you’re still searching for good videos to follow, I really enjoy the content of Jessica Haze. She’s a good teacher and often shows exactly how and why she uses brushes and products. Also her aesthetic is to die for.

      • Ooh thanks a lot ! I trawl through loads of them as not every body takes the time to explain the brush part which is actually quite critical! Cheers :)!🖤

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