Social Media Kills Blogging (& Braincells)

Back in the early 2010’s, I used to have a couple of blogs – one which was a snarky fashion blog, and the other more of a diary type blog (yep, these days I am doing 2 for 1).

In those days, the blogging community was fantastic and buzzing. Websites like BlogCatalog (now defunct) allowed to discover and make friends with fellow bloggers, and the vibe was very genuine. People were all about writing, sharing and expressing themselves whilst genuinely interacting with others. There were no commenting pods or bullshitty groups for pseudo-commenting and raising your SEO; people were just genuinely happy to take the time to read and comment on a friend’s post.

Of course, people still wanted to be read, but the techniques used weren’t as pathetic and fame thirsty as they are today. The focus was on interaction and bonding; discovering other platforms and creating little communities; not egocentric powerhouses.

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I can’t help but loathe today’s endless search for numbers, and the resulting destruction of the community feeling that used to be prevalent (yeah I sound like a 88 year old veteran, and it sure feels like it).

I know, I wrote about it before, but with the current climate I find it even more depressing that a lot of the online community is still just focussed on endless scrolling, lack of substance, and turning themselves into advertising billboards.

Where is the art??! Where is the community spirit?

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They say that the average human’s attention span these days is less than a goldfish’s. Honestly, I blame social media for it. Since the introduction of  what I call the “one-liner toilet thought”, the focus is on bite sized, fast-to-consume content. It doesn’t require or elicit any thinking or discussion – it is all about consumption. No feedback loop. I really miss the days of communities rather than one-liner screams of who shouts the loudest.

This extends to news and general media as well,  not many do take the time to research or question anything that is presented to them. They just eat it all.

And now I am hungry and I really should stop ranting.

⚡💖⚡Love & Ranting⚡💖⚡


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