Gothic / Alternative Bargains for £2.50

Have you ever met the Conan the Barbarian of Shopping ?


Well now you have. *bows pompously*

I thrift and I bargain-hunt day and night ( I wish I was joking, I love online shopping!), and the quarantine makes no exception to this principle.  I have mentioned the website Everyting5Pounds before, and I have splurged last week on a few items. Hold your horses : the total was £25 without delivery and I had 3 pair of shoes in the haul!

Here are a few of the items I bought, and which you can still find at the time of publishing.

This eyelet cold shoulder dress is in my wardobe 🙂 Its thinness makes it perfect for the summer Goth.


This criss cross lace up dress is waiting to be rocked out so bad! The material is thick and holds up very well. I love that the length is decent and can be made to work for summer or winter (with tights obvs).


This Choker Neck Tie Dress is fantastic in person, I actually wore it earlier this week and I can’t recommend it enough, especially for the price.


I love choker tops, I have not bought this one but I wished I had, as it looks exactly like some of Killstar’s!


Finally, a bardot top with eyelets. I haven’t bought this yet either, but I am tempted …

BLACKHappy Hunting!

⚡❤️⚡Love & Shopping⚡❤️⚡

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