My Goth Playlist Intro – Old & New

I have a confession to make (not the Dave Grohl kind) : one of my butt cheeks identifies as metalhead and the other as goth.

Yes, that is the sound of both metalheads and goths screaming (for info: one is screechy and the other is guttural).

Well guess what, I have always been a bipolar (have you not seen my hair??), if not multipolar laydee : I listen to everything including disco, and I don’t give a bloody damn what that makes me. Disco Goth?

Slay to the right, Slay to the left!


I have decided to start sharing some of my favourite tunes – and showcase some of my jams, old and new – be it Heavy Metal, Hard Rock or Goth.

This post is just an intro of some of my favourite Goth Rock songs. Have a listen !

Some Goth Rock Classics

Sisters of Mercy

Fields of the Nephilim

The March Violets

  • Snake Dance– This song is amazing, the beat is almost like a funk goth hybrid. I love its attitude and roar.
  • Walk Into the Sun  – Gotta appreciate the title for a Goth tune !

Eyes of the Nightmare Jungle

  • Shadow Dance– another bop! This is quite a dancey song and perks my black heart.
  • Horse – a fast beat and furious guitars make this a classic to me.

Rosetta Stone

  • Adrenaline – Powerful tune with a bomb bridge, Depeche Mode reminiscent in some ways. BUT with its own highly electric charge.
  • The Witch – I find this song ever so catchy and very kitsch horror movie (check the video!)
  • People  – Haunting in many ways.
  • The whole Seems Like Forever album!!

Newer Bands & Songs I Dig!

The atmosphere in these songs is so electrifying yet soothing. I always picture myself roaming around a dark, deserted castle listening to these songs, especially the Night’s Ablaze. I highly recommend checking these bands out if you don’t know them.

I have tons of other songs to share, but I think I am going to keep this for other posts … which will also be including HEAVY FOOKIN METAL!

⚡🎵⚡Love & Good Music!⚡🎵⚡

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