LookBöök : Captain Havoc

Mel Gibson got to live the Apocalyse in a Thunder Dome, I get to live mine in a Thunder Back Garden …

I present to you … Mäd Mel (B)!


This was put together in literally five minutes, and nothing has been ironed or steamed, as you can see…

Yes of course, this was totally done on purpose, to…um… add to the doom and gloom feel ??!!(truth: I am lazy and tired from the meds and mama cannot be bothered).


I absolutely adore military styling, and I had to get the Havoc corset belt from Killstar. It is fantastic, finally a corset belt from Killstar I wont have to return! It is actually stretchy and allows for proper fitting, unlike some of their previous ‘one size’ belts.


I am currently bloated by the meds and I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to get it around my spare tyre, but it worked. It is really well made and has skulls on the buttons!


My necklace is from Kreepsville666 and is a classic, I have it in white, silver and blue. The one thing that sucks with this necklace is the closing clasp, literally on all of the variations of it that I have, the chain at the back broke. Kreepsville666 Sort it out please!


Yeah, the layering is not the prettiest – a primark vest and a boohoo mesh top, but it was comfortable – and honestly right now, am pretty much living for comfort.



Oh yes, I can smile sometimes. But I don’t like it. So don’t get used to it ! [unless it is like this 😆]


❤️⚡❤️Love & Lightning❤️⚡❤️


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