Breathe Heavy : Steroids Edition


Ugh. No rest for the wicked eh?!

So yesterday, I had to call the GP for a video consultation as my breathing just decided to live the struggle fully, ie go on lockdown mode.  I have never had anything like it; we are talking full on AK-47 cough day and night, with a dose of wheezing from the pits of hell, and gasping for air like I was in a slow motion episode of ‘breathing for dummies‘.


It turns out that whilst my chest infection got nuked by antibiotics last week, my body decided to reveal an underlying new type of lung inflammation : asthma. I knew it was that as I recognised all the symptoms; my dad is asthmatic and this was textbook asthma attack.

The cough woke me up, and  despite taking puffs after puffs of the inhaler, I still felt crap in the morning, hence calling the GP for stronger shizzle. This morning was like a scene out of asthmapocalypse now.

So I am now on steroids for 5 days.


Side effects apparently include being high, but I am not seeing it yet. But at least I can now breathe.


💜⚡💜Love & Heavy Breathing💜⚡💜

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  1. Oh my, that sounds bad. I wish you all the best and I hope by now you’re feeling better (which I may be reading in the next posts I’m slowly getting too? hehe 😀 )

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