Meet My Guitars

So I recently realised how ridiculous it was to have a blog name which included the word ‘electric‘ without having actually showcased my electricness! (I do think we are covered with the ‘diva’ part *smiles innocently*).

From left to right may I introduce you to : Pink Lizzy, Sweet Purple, and Phantom Black.

Pink Lizzy

This is my first guitar ever! I bought her on Amazon, when all I knew about guitars was that I wanted a pink one (don’t judge me). Her technical birth name is Encore EBP-E6PK Elec. Guitar Outfit – Pink , but that is boring as hell right?!

She came with an amp, but as you can expect, the amp was bloody awful. I did not practice on that cutie for long, as the more I got into it, the more I realised that the neck was too thick, and that the sound was not particularly great. But I will always be grateful to her, as she was my first foray into the guitar world.

Sweet Purple

Sorry not sorry but this guitar is GORGEOUS!! What I need to mention is that before purchasing this beautiful Jackson Monarkh Pro Series SC Purple Burst, I had bought a black matte Schecter (I think the model was Stealth C-1). I had not tried it properly in the shop, and eventually struggled with it (24 frets and big fat neck) and sold it online. So then, I decided I really really wanted a purple guitar, with 22 frets as I struggle with 24, and the search began. The guitar needed to be light, yet fit for metal – and this baby fits the bill. Sweet Purple has a nice tone and is easy to play.

Phantom Black

Angus Young anyone? I am a big ol’ AC/DC fan, and I will forever associate Gibson SGs to that band. But even beyond that, I have always LOVED SG‘s – they look absolutely glorious to me and sound badass. This SG Future Tribute is no exception, I find that I can get the sounds I want from it quite easily even though I am a massive newbie. I searched for a really long time before I managed to get the SG of my dreams, and she is here ! This is the guitar I use the most, and I scratched it a fair bit … which really freaked me out at first, but then realised it is part and parcel of actually using it and not just displaying it !

In 2019, I have unfortunately not practiced much, as I was ill and depressed most of the year. I have picked up again this year (thank you COVID-19) and I am really excited about it.  *raises metal horns*

💜⚡💜Love & Lightning💜⚡💜

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  1. Beautiful guitars, Mel!
    Enjoyed your post.
    My first love was a cream left-hand 1976 Strat.
    But later got a Black Les Paul custom, and grew fond of that, as well.

    Always liked Angus, too.
    (Still have a plectrum he gave me in 1980.
    Sentimental value 🙂 LOL!.)

    • Thank you!

      Oh wow an Angus plectrum !!!!! That is amazing, I really wish I’d gotten to see them live. You must have some fantastic memories!

      • Yes: so many.
        From AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Robert Plant, Thin Lizzy; to Bauhaus, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Cure, Killing Joke, The Damned, etc, etc.
        (Coincidentally, there’s a link to a pic of the Les Paul on my latest post:
        showing me in bondage pants, if you need a laugh! 😊 )

      • Awesome list! \m/ And I will be headed over to, um, read the blog of course!

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