Bullet for My Quarantine Look

Hey, don’t come at me for the cheesy title; mama’s got a limited range for quarantine puns. It ain’t just the bog roll that is limited edition, you know?

Since I am now able to breathe properly, I figured I’d have a go back at my favourite past-time : style and shoot myself.


Being stuck indoors, it is easy to just give up and live in your PJs. And I have done that -for the first 3 days of being unemployed, ill and grumpy.

Yes, I am side-eyeing this year


But since then, I have decided to take the opportunity to style some outfits I WILL rock out once this silliness blows over.


Funnily enough, this outfit is death by Killstar really : hat, harness and dress are from KS. To be honest, you could easily do this outfit for cheap with stuff from Ebay! All it takes is a brim hat, a cold shoulder/ halterneck dress (boohoo has them) and a cute harness.



I got the boots from Ebay, and they have a zip on the side which is a godsend as I cannot stand slip on boots.



I have turned off my Facebook as I refuse to scroll through endless corona posts, instead, I want to spread positivity, sarcasm and glamour. From my backgarden.

Because if it is the apocalypse, we might as well look fly and be happy when it happens, right ?


❤️⚡❤️Love & Lightning❤️⚡❤️

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