Shoppin ‘n’ Shootin’

Today has been rather productive.

Indeed, I have FINALLY done some online shopping that did not revolve around tinned veg and frozen waffles, and I have also ultimately got my return on investment on the exorbitant rent I’m paying, by doing an impromptu photoshoot in the back garden. Yas honey, slay that shed !

Some people believe we are living in the End Times, and am pretty sure my neighbours now think so too. I emerged from my lair fully decked out and ready to slay demons with my pout, only for shorts-wearing people to gasp and return back into their homes.

And that’s how you enforce self isolation, UK government!

This photo may or may not be evidence of my future bankruptcy, as I did a rather outrageous Killstar order (yo, there were discounts). I haven’t shopped with them in ages, so I’m curious to see what the quality is going to be.

Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 11.19.44


I shall be posting my backgarden photoshoot tomorrow so see you then!

❤️⚡❤️ Love & Lightning ❤️⚡❤️

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  1. Can’t wait to see what you got. I haven’t got bought any Killstar for ages now, I’m trying to not spend money (especially now with the Apocalypse!) & nothing has wowwed me enough to break that. Can’t wait to see the pics, I did think this military drop would be right up your street! 🖤❤️

    • My heart sank when I saw the military drop, as I reallllly shouldnt spend the money, but then if it IS the apocalypse …:D who cares haha! Shipping is on its way so we shall see 🙂

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