Hasta La Corona

Yes, I am one of these eeeeeeeeevil people who stepped out of their homes for a walk today. But fear not, for I have been practising social distancing since way before it got popular, and today was no exception. I even spotted a fellow Goth doing the same.


It has been refreshing seeing sanity and freedom in the animal kingdom today. I’d never thought that one day I would envy duck life, but if you think about it, we have never seen ducks acting crazy when bird flu hit, have we? [if it ain’t on youtube, it doesn’t exist right? at least it seems that way these days]

So my conclusion is that not only they have a better food sanitisation system than we have, but that they also have competent ducks in charge. Duck Duck … GO! (an excellent browser that doesn’t suck your life to resell it my peeps).


On the other side of the mammal kingdom, it has been very eerie seeing all the signs plastered across coffee shops, restaurants, hair salons and the like. I really hope that workers will be compensated accordingly for this orchestrated chaos (yes I’m what they call a conspiracy theorist).

img_20200324_2241545495517315427897661.jpg img_20200324_2241221418254716247917572.jpg

Another dreadful sign was this one below, which was found in the park I ventured in. It felt like something from a shitty 80’s sci-fi movie, and I almost expected a rusty Robocop with a twattish British accent walking down the park dishing out verbals ‘oh no you didn’t‘ warnings whilst measuring the distance between yourself and your fellow airseeker.


I eventually managed to get out of the paved path to pursue greener pastures.

Corona was here too apparently!


I am really glad I went out for my daily walk, I had not been able to in 2-3 days due to the infection.  My goal is to do my 10k steps a day, in the way I have always done it : away from people !!

Also, now that I am feeling more human than locomotive, I am looking forward to getting back to fashion and non corona topics. Stay healthy and catch ya soon (with leather gloves and a face mask right?)

❤️⚡❤️Love & Lightning❤️⚡❤️

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