Breathe Heavy : The Bronchitis Edition

Whilst the planet is having to cope with Covfefe-19, my body has decided to gift me with a pretty crap bout of bronchitis. Gotta be edgy, innit?

The wierd thing is that I have been feeling absolutely fine generally, ie no fevers or aches, but I am totally coughing like an old dude smoking locomotives for breakfast. And in the evening, I am struggling to breathe like said dude had taken a hit from a bong full of coal, oil and anger management classes (I did try to restrain my cough at the chemist, for fear of being lynched by the Toilet Paper Army).

However, I have called the GP this morning  and they have prescribed me a proper set of medicinal substances to partake in. I am now taking a hit of something else, Ventolin, and antibiotics, Doxycycline, which I am expecting to go full jihad on the infection.

The antibiotics gave me some pretty bad side effects, but as I am writing this, they have subsided and are doing their holy work.

Let’s see what happens in the next few days, shall we?

I hope you are staying safe and healthy!

❤️⚡❤️Love & Lightning❤️⚡❤️

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