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As a blogger, I realise that sometimes people get sick of seeing your face – I know, I get sick of seeing my own everyday  – and so I thought I’d break the stream by showcasing my creative temple of genius, high brow posts (when I bother going to the aesthetician) … aka this tiny ass desk in my cramped London flat.


Are your illusions shattered yet, or you did not have any to begin with like a true reader of this doomtastic blog?

I hope it was the latter, as honestly so many bloggers post pretend fancy pictures of their writing habitat, when in reality, most of us are all posting in our pants in a dingy flat somewhere. There is nothing wrong with that, but I find it quite funny when I see the hotel like pictures people post about their blogging area – as they literally rent hotel space for that. L-O-L.

For disclosure purposes, I have to state that this is actually the tidied up version of the desk (the internet doesn’t forget, so let’s pretend I am not a messy cow shall we?). The thing is, I love my desk chaos, but I cannot stand chaos anywhere else in the flat. It is weird, but then I am weird.

I see it as a multipurpose area; I can plug in my guitar in my desk amp and pretend to rock out one chord at a time; I can pretend I am a proper lady of darkness by sipping green tea in my bat mug whilst scrolling through minions memes; I can pretend I am an organised blogger by routinely looking at that schedule in the corner (which has not been wiped or followed since 2018) and nodding in agreement with noone that yes, a schedule would be good.

In all, I find that having a desk that represents you, with its random stuff on it, is so much better than a clinically organised Ikea showroom one. But that is just me!

What is your desk set up? Have you got a dedicated area in your abode?

❤️⚡❤️Love & Lightning❤️⚡❤️

PS: If you’re Donald Trump, we have all seen your desk, no need to show off.


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  1. No illusions here, hehe!
    Honestly, your space looks quite tidy and nicely decorated to me. Mine is just dirty, full of ice tea bottles, empty mugs and letters I need to file away. I call it “fully embracing the chaos”.

    • haha I do have letters and empty mugs as well but the camera did not capture them 😉 I totally agree with the stance of “fully embracing the chaos”! Good one ! xx

  2. I didn’t have a desk for blogging ,only my knees .Normally I write my blog post in my 24 h shifts and post it later ,when I have WLAN at home.But …my creative desk is my sewing place ,and there is as much chaos you have ,when you work on 3,4,5,6 projects at one time

    • Wow 24hr shifts! That’s heavy but im so glad you’re finding the time to do your creative projects. And creative chaos is good for the soul in my opinion ❤️

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