The Quarantine Diaries : TP Edition

For the benefit of the sociology study that is probably going to be done on what the bloody hell happened during the great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020, I am going to do a daily quarantine diary. This will also be beneficial to whichever alien life form turns up  on Planet Earth, to help them understand how to rock an outfit without having to break Area 51 to retrieve their vintage ET styles.

Intergalactic fashuuuuun my dudes!


The above picture is what happens after you leave a bored, yet fancy Goth alone indoors for 3 days with a camera phone. This was taken on my last day of work, and honest to Xenu, staying indoors all day refreshing emails and waiting for the day to end is quite tiring. However in the end, I had a really lovely final day, as my teammates organised an online leaving do, with all of us on camera with a glass of something and toasting to me and our future real life reunion.

On the same day, I had a phone interview, but honestly with the way things are going I am not sure there will be a job for me. So instead, I am planning to enjoy the next few days documenting my days and doing stupid stuff online, including a give away of Goth toilet paper and extra bits!

So…will you be my quarantine?

❤️⚡❤️Love & Lightning❤️⚡❤️

2020 Apocalypse Diary

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