You Say Covid-19, I Say Hangar 18!

Yes, this blog post is an official power surge from your local Electric Diva, Thunderella ! I have indeed resurrected from the ashes of my old blog (which I will close and make private shortly), to relaunch myself in a format and environment I want to feel happy and unbridled in.

This means : lots of random posts, some swearing and some cheeky daily posts. Cheeky … as in sassy, just to set expectations, ahem.

On this note, screw Covid-19 ! I am all about Hangar 18 these days; in fact I self-isolated at home today with a pretty sweet Megadeth soundtrack running in the background. Music is such a powerful helper when it comes to mood lifting … and butt lifting! I have also been going to the gym semi-regularly and Manowar has come pretty handy (I too, would like to look amazing in a tribal bikini).

Yesterday, I faced the fury of the wind to do my first proper outfit shoot of 2020! Goth knows how many germs I have inhaled, but it was worth it!


My outfit is quite simple really, a plain black top and a black skirt, but the bling is definitely jazzing it all up.


The top is just a boohoo top, and the hexagram skirt is from Killstar – I must say I absolutely love this skirt, it is well made, the draping is fantastic and the zip solid. I bought it when they had a buy one get one free or some sort of other promo event.


My boots are from Dr Martens, got them from ASOS on a pay in instalment plan, and I don’t regret it one bit, I LOVE THEM! I am still breaking them in, but it’s not been as bad as I have experienced before. I am planning to sell some of my New Rocks that I don’t wear often, so these are a welcome addition.


Finally, the necklace is from an Etsy seller called Horribell – her stuff is amazing and proper quality. Once I get a new job, I am definitely going to be forking out some money; until then I am keeping my cold black spikey heart pumping my outfits !

MAR2020-25 blog2020-7

To my regular readers, thanks so much for having made the jump over, and to you internet stranger who randomly stumbled on this page, hello \m/ ! Don’t be a stranger though, and feel free to pop a message below 🙂

❤️Love & Lightning!⚡


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