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Like a true narcissist, I am going to spread my Prague experience across two posts; one all about my gothtastic aesthetic, the other about the majestic city’s aesthetic. Don’t act surprised – this is how we operate in these streets!

When I travel, I like be as comfortable as Robert Smith in a red lipstick factory. No ifs, no buts; posing for the gram is one thing, it is another to be wearing clothes actually suitable for day to day human activities.  Not being shady [but potentially throwing some obscurity] but quite a few of the outfits I see online do not tend themselves to walking around all day, or catering for a big fat lunch and then some foreign dessert (by the way calories absorbed abroad will soon not count, as they will be rejected at the UK’s border patrol – yay Brexit for Weight Loss!).

Sure, I’d love to prance about in sexy platforms, but this probably would only last until I disgracefully booty-plant on the pavement and customise my tights with genuine angry rips.

I love walking, and Prague is the type of city that is to be discovered by foot.  This is where my Demonia creepers come to play. These are the Demonia V-Creeper-537; I got them for £41 on Amazon a couple of years back, and they are super comfy! So I packed them with me for the trip. I highly recommend them as they work well with dresses as well as trousers. Win-win!


The dress is Killstar (bought on sale) and the double belt was bought on boohoo. I still feel very uncomfortable with my hormonal weight gain, and adding a belt at the waist really helps shape the flab.


Second outfit was casual chic as well, with the trusted Demonia showing again their versatility by accompanying a frilly tulle skirt I purchased on Amazon in 2018. That skirt is awesome and has an elasticated waist (remember what i said about eating lunch and dessert?).


I used the same belt and boots yet the outfit looks completely different – I really believe that accessories can make or break an outfit! The necklace is from Ebay, as per my previous post.  Tshirt is Killstar (again a sale item – I only buy when they do sales!).

praguemelly1 praguemelly2

That is it for the Prague outfits! Part two is coming very shortly, with the actual travel post.

What are your travel staples? What do you like to wear when you travel?




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  1. Yaaas omg I totally agree! While there is a place for the editorial-style outfits, the combos of function & fashion are SO much more valuable. Especially when traveling. Love it!

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