A New Years’ Day Outfit

So my New Year’s day was pretty chilled … and chilly ! But hey, anything can be managed with a strong cup of black coffee and an equally strong black outfit (see what I did there? no? me neither!).


I love walking around London, and what better way to kickstart the year than with a lengthy walk around the St Paul’s area ?
For this occasion, I decided to wear a Killstar hat bought second hand on Facebook marketplace (woohoo FB being useful wow), a flare coat from ASOS , and an amazing leather Dr Martens heart shaped bag I snagged on Ebay. I decided to be very casual because why the hell not?
IMG-20200101-WA0006Obligatory belt shot!

I really dig this belt I bought from Attitude Clothing, it honestly goes with a lot of things, and it is only £12.99. I am currently working my arse off to shift some hormonal and krispy kremish weight, and this belt is really helping the ghost of my waist to make an appearance. Alleluia!


Finally, a shot from my actual outfit, a wet look dress from Boohoo which is cool and suitable for the office! I bought it during the sale so I think it was £8, but full price is £12 which is still a bargain. This dress is versatile as can be worn equally with or without belt  – especially good to know when you are planning to destroy a box of Krispy Kremes ( yes, I know, I have an addiction eek!).


The boots are my old trusted New Rocks and the necklace is from the Crypt of Curiosities on Etsy.  She has lovely stuff, and my crescent moon choker was only £7.99.

The day was cold and grey but I felt good and really motivated for 2020. I know it is cheesy, but I have learnt a lot in 2019 and I have already made a lot of positive decisions following these experiences and their impact [less donuts for example]. This will, of course, be including MORE shopping teehee! But mostly from second hand and smaller resellers, as well as high street stores. Of course, there will always be the odd bit I will buy from Killstar and co, but I am looking forward to mixing and matching more.

For now, I am focussing on saving money for travelling and … HMRC! ARRRRRRGH!

What was your New Year’s Day like?


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