Alternative Ebay : Gothic Jewellery Edition

Are you a fancy witch who has had enough of the frustrating trend of pentagrams, hexagrams, octagrams, nonagrams and mammograms plastered on everything, as touted on the ‘gram by Goths for Cloths? (exhibit A: a freaking pentagram chopping board to … sacrifice onions?).

Are you a glittery goth who, whilst pissed off at the mass industrialisation of symbols, still loves wearing an esoteric symbol or two? But without looking like they have escaped from a How to be an Internet Goth seminar?

Raises hands I am!

… And for the reasons above, I have, more than ever, concentrated my shopping on Ebay. I absolutely love Ebay, and have found many a bargain / alternative items there. Most of the times, it is also from small sellers so I feel like I am supporting smaller businesses.

With that in mind,  I will be sharing as frequently as I can my alternative fashion Ebay finds. Today, I decided to start with jewellery, also known in my household as bling bling (not even joking, that is how it is referred to).

A symbol which has not (yet) been cannibalised by mainstream alt shops, is the Wing. I love wings in all their forms, be it chicken wings or batwings. But for today, we shall be looking at the spiritual wing, which is commonly known to represent freedom, spirituality and victory.

All images below belong to the respective shop owners.

I absolutely love the below Wing Rosary, retailing for £6.99 from sweetbeadshop. It is handmade, and subtle enough to be worn at work, but also cool enough to be jazzing up a layered look with perhaps some other silver toned necklaces.


Next is this beautiful set from Rockin’ Angel ,  also £6.99 . This one has a Lapis Lazuli heart, but the seller has variations, including rose quartz and opalite.


In a similar style but a bit more understated, these double wings from jangle-10 tickled my fancy too! These are £3.95.


Another item that I like, is the Key. The Key has always had many meanings, the most obvious being its connection with gateways, portals and the openings to new ways. Let’s not forget about Hecate, the Keeper of the Keys, and the use of the Skeleton Key in witchcraft, a powerful tool allowing  passage to those places behind barriers!

I really like this chunky key necklace from mandymax1971 and am very tempted to get it as it is only £4.99!


For a more understated look, this necklace is pretty cute for £2.10! This is from laffe.fay.


What I like about these necklaces is that they can be dressed up or down; a black velvet choker can be added as well as some shorter silver necklaces, and the blinging is done!

So… Do you buy on Ebay? Are there any other symbols that you like to wear?



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  1. Love these picks! Pentagrams aren’t for me for spiritual reasons so I’ve always had to seek alternatives from places like eBay or Amazon. I’ve gotten some of the best big gorgeous gothy rings from eBay for only a couple cents!

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