I Am With The Band ! (Fashion Edit)

I have a confession to make : I am a self professed “H&M Goth”.  And I am also a self-confessed “High Street Metalhead”.  I shop a lot on the high street, and I really dig when mainstream stores put out interesting items of clothing; and that include band tees.

To be honest, I do get really annoyed when I see kardashianesque idiotic bimbos wearing band tees without any knowledge of the band(s), but that is why I rinse the stores off their heavy metal merchandise before the bimbonic plague gets their hands on them.

*humble bow*

The below is a current selection from Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing, and you can bet your shiny metal ass that I got my hands on these! I am a massive fan of Iron Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC and to an extent Guns ‘n Roses.

Yes, I pass the test! Do you? 😉

PS: all of the below are under £15 and officially licensed.


PPS: I will be resuming to normal blogging activities this weekend as I am off work for two weeks!


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