A Soundtrack for the Right Track

Do you think that if Instagram had been around when Limp Bizkit came out with their classic “Keep Rollin’“, they’d have called it “Keep Scrollin’” instead?

I have been on a social media cleanse for about a month now, and it feels fantastic. My focus and mental energy are directed solely on the things and people that matter; ie those people that I interact with on a daily or weekly basis, and with whom I have a genuine reciprocal link. These people are here for the highs and for the lows (and brace yourselves for I actually got a lot of new high heeled shoes yaaaay!!!), and the conversations and bonds are real and rooted in authenticity.

Folks : I love some of the interactions I used to get on instagram but holy moly, I am so relieved that I don’t have to be looking at some of the many fakes “love you girl !!!”, “omg we’re BFFs!!” , “we have to meet up at London Edge!”, “Cant wait to see you!!” type of comments … Because these have traditionally been followed by total ignorance once out of the realms of the fancy photos or public platforms, and I have grown to massively dislike them.  Just being honest here. Similarly, I am so glad to be out of the Bullshiteria (just like a cafeteria but with BS) whereby people just follow each other for the sake of it, but never show any engagement or interaction. Fake. Fake Fake. Let Them Eat Fake ! (In the Bullshiteria). This whole competition to amass followers is ridiculous and obscene to me, and I want no part of it.


That is not to say I will not go back to Social Media [spoiler : I will]. I will just be more honest with myself and others as to what and who I want to see on my feeds. I will be uber selective about why and how I am using it. I have and I am thoroughly enjoying following badass accounts like For the Fly Customs , for whom I should really write a post!! They have always been a genuine, supportive and authentic bunch, and that is rare on instagram. I have made some lovely friends, including some I have never met in real life but whom I speak to in DM/Messenger and have been genuine too.

With regards to Facebook, it is not that I was spending that much time on it, but I always felt disconnected to the content presented to me, yet felt compelled to check what absolute strangers (95% of my current FB is full of strangers) were babbling about.

Endless memes. Some more corny memes. Personal outbursts. Attention seeking. More attention seeking. The occasional meerkat pic (I didn’t mind those actually). I also realised that a lot of people on FB are bitter old hags only clicking ‘like’ when you are expressing sorrow or misery (*scientific study I have conducted over a few weeks).

And then the light hit me. (You’ve been THUNDERSTRUUUUUUUCKKK!!!!)


I realised that :-

  • About 90% of the scrollable material I flooded myself with over the past year was irrelevant, mindless and meaningless material, forcibly pushed upon my senses out of a ridiculous sense of ‘virtual duty’;
  • I was too ‘scared’ to unfollow some people due to the above subscription to the Bullshiteria;
  • What I wanted to use social media for is not what 99% of the users are using it for – (creative photo gallery versus promotional billboard) and I’d compromised my own use because of that realisation. However, why should I curb my original intention just because others use it differently?;
  • “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop” Confucius. This quote to me is the perfect antidote to this constant push to be endlessly plugged and posting on Social Media. The pressure to post daily and constantly is only a byproduct of most people’s desire to be an ‘influencer’ or rake in digits behind their username (and I am only interested in the digits in my bank account);
  • I have never been interested in being a statistic, and I ain’t gonna be one!

Therefore, in 2020, I will reset my social media and use it my way. I got my one ticket to a new Belle Out of Hell. And that means I will be BACK IN BLACK and in full unrepentant mode.

Are you going to make changes to your use of social media in 2020?




PS: photos taken by me today in East London

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