The Lamoda Shoe Scam *Edited*

Don’t you love faithfully and merrily clicking ‘Pay‘ against a specific amount of money, full of joy for your soon-to-be foot bling, only for triple the amount to be shockingly deducted from your hard-working corporate slave funds?

Well, it seems someone clicked too fast on the publish button last night … And that would be me, here.

You remember how I said I purchased shoes at a bargain price?

These bargains?

Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 23.56.36

Which clearly show prices of £24 and £10?

Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 23.55.59

These bargains which I screenshot straight after receiving my confirmation email for my … £90 purchase!!

As someone who works in retail IT, I am absolutely shocked by the deception that took place. Essentially the price shown at checkout (in my case £36 with shipping) is not the price that is applied in the backend when the scammer processes your transaction with Paypal. Somehow, they managed to remove the promotion from the transaction AFTER the customer (yours truly) agreed to spend a third of the amount shown.

Screenshot 2019-12-03 at 19.45.50

This wouldn’t be so dramatic if customer services did actually pick up the emails I sent out and/or if someone picked up what I would consider, in my IT jargon, a P1 issue. In any business, customer orders and promotions are monitored and emails issued to apologise for IT glitches. Which tells me here, that it was NOT a glitch.

But there has been zero response whatsoever, not even a ‘Hey we are looking at this‘.

I have opened a Paypal case so we shall see what happens next, but I certainly do not recommend you order from this company; at least not until they sort themselves out.

Edit : as of 7/12 still no refund or apologies,  they only responded to a 1star review I posted with ‘Doll, contact us on instagram, it was a technical glitch xoxo’. That is not professional. It actually is a shame as I received the shoes and they are pretty cool, just not worth £90 which is not what I agreed to pay.

⚡Thunderella (with shoes)⚡


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