I Goth Work To Do ! (Fashion Edit)

One of the things I find frustrating with some of the current Goff Instagram aesthetics (GoFF stands for fake as … – ps : I am only censoring so this gets into your inbox safely folks, I am nice like that) is that the ‘casual’ looks are completely unrealistic/ unfit / totally not relatable to anybody over the age of 23; OR to anybody who has more than one paragraph listed after these two words: ‘Curriculum Vitae‘.

Sure, I am probably not the target audience for this type of content, but I am still a Goth, and I still want the original strand and spirit of Goth to stay alive (ie through music and creativity), above and beyond endless hauls and human-billboard advertising.

For some of us, the only collab we get to do is rather mundane. It involves forcing ourselves to wake up at an ungodly hour (it’s ungodly even for Atheists), pretending to play nice with another bunch of miserable humans for 7.5 hours a day, in exchange for rent money with the Queen of Benefits printed on it. To get this precious paper, one must follow the draconian rules of the Office, which quite frankly do not include ‘Satan is my Homie‘ tops or Imma-Witch-from-My-Parents-Dungeon PVC skirts.

As I was looking for some bargains, I stumbled upon this website today and I actually found shoes which fit my style without being too OTT. The website is called Lamoda and I ordered a couple of pairs … They were £10 and £24, so let’s see if they are worth my hard Goth work, shall we?

I think most of these can be dressed down with a classic black dress and a belt or blazer, without making your colleagues get their crucifix or keyboard to whack you. Thoughts?


Are you able to dress up to your heart’s content at work or do you have to tone it down? What is your work look?


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